You Can Sell Your Used Furniture. Here’s How

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Old furniture can be revived. You can stain the wood a new shade, reupholster, put on a new coat of paint, and so on. Sometimes, though, you’ve just had a piece for so long that you no longer want to get into reimagining it. When you’re in the mood to let old furniture go and look for something completely new, it would be a better idea to choose to sell it, rather than to leave it by the dumpster. Not only does selling help you make a little cash, you keep your items out of the landfill and help the environment, as well.

You don’t need a collectible-type item to be able to find buyers. You can sell practically anything if you go about it the right way. Before you get started, however, you do need to take stock of a few things. To begin, what do you hope to achieve – make a big profit, or just a little cash to get rid of the item? How much effort are you willing to put in to make the sale – do you simply want to list and wait, or work harder? Do you plan to ship, or do you just want a local buyer to come pick it up? With answers in hand, you can get ready to find a buyer.

To begin, what condition is it in?

If your item is damaged or in fragile shape, you probably wouldn’t want to sell it on a site that would ask for a cut out of your takings. It would also not be safe (or profitable) to ship. Listing to sell locally, then, would be the best way to go. A nearly new piece of furniture or something that’s recently been renewed, on the other hand, could sell online on a site that charges a commission, and it would make sense to ship it.

Ideas to consider if you plan to sell locally

The easiest way to find a local buyer is to advertise a garage sale or tag sale. All you need to do is to post signs around the neighborhood, post on information boards for your community, and list on Facebook (if you’re okay with displaying your address there). Alternatively, if you have a number of pieces to sell, you could find a local flea market to display your items in. We have a booth at a local shop that has proved well worth the money!

Price your furniture right

Whether you’re selling locally, or online to a wider audience, it’s important to consider how you will price your item to be appealing to potential buyers, and to make a decent profit.

It makes sense to start out by looking at different online ads to gain an idea about what other people sell similar furniture for. If you wouldn’t mind having a buyer haggle over the price, it would make sense to set the asking price slightly higher than you’d be willing to settle for. If you plan to list on an auction site like eBay, you need to determine what your lowest acceptable price point is, and start from there.

In addition to what your item is worth on its own, you’ll also need to factor in what it will cost you to pack it, insure it, and deliver it. You’ll need to add these costs to the price of the product itself to arrive at a sensible sale price.

What are the best places to list online?

A good set of quality, well-lit images from multiple angles can help make your item an attractive deal online. If there is any damage to the item at all, it’s important to make sure you have pictures of it in the post. It can also help potential buyers make up their minds to offer detailed information about the item’s dimensions, and to fill out your listing with every keyword that potential buyers are likely to use. It can help to look at the keywords that other similar listings use, and to include them in your listing, as well.

A number of online destinations are great places to sell used furniture. If you have a high-priced item, Chairish is a good place to list on (they charge a commission that’s a third of your sale price). OfferUp is a good site turn to for local sales. Unlike Craigslist, which is also a potential local alternative, OfferUp allows you to look at the profiles of potential buyers so that you are able to make safe, informed choices.

Facebook Marketplace is another good destination to turn to for local deals. In general, it’s a good idea to not call the attention of strangers to your personal Facebook page. Instead, it would make sense to create a new, generic page just for your sale. As long as you ensure that you get paid using a platform like Venmo, and only meet with buyers in a public location, you should be able to unload your furniture with the least possible hassle. Many people even sell their furniture on Instagram – you simply post good pictures, list a price, and wait for the platform’s algorithms to put your information in front of potentially interested users.

A few example pieces we have sold:

Old desk turned into a modern piece

It’s important to keep in mind that plenty of people do manage to turn their furniture into cash using any one of these methods. If your furniture is in reasonably good shape, it makes a lot of sense to try to get it into a new home.

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